Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, and congratulations to DJ Smith, winner of our Kindle giveaway!

It's been a busy couple of weeks at Red Iris Books. Angela Kulig and SM Reine have been on blog tours promoting their books with fascinating guest posts, amazing reviews, and awesome giveaways. If you'd like to catch them on future visits, be sure to watch our calendar. You don't want to miss a single one of these visits.
"[Elise] isn’t your standard UF heroine. She isn’t everyone’s friend, she doesn’t have all the hot men after her, and she doesn’t have an unlimited income. What she is, is a genuine kick ass heroine, what she has been through has defined her and she doesn’t let people in easily." -4.5 star review of Death's Hand by Melanie at Book Passion for Life

Angela Kulig
At An Absolute Forest of Words: A guest blog about irrational fears
At Bookaholics Anonymous: A guest blog about the fight or flight response
At Cheryl's Book Nook: An exclusive excerpt from Skeleton Lake
At Me, My Shelf, and I: A guest blog about hell at the Valentine's dance

SM Reine
At Tynga's Reviews: A guest blog about awesome science fiction and fantasy teams and a Death's Hand charm giveaway (open until November 7th!)
At Book Passion for Life: A spooky (and true!) story about a haunted house
At Kendall Grey's blog: A strange and hilarious interview
At Urban Fantasy Investigations: An interview and giveaway (open until November 3rd!)
At Red Hot Books: A guest post about fantasy boyfriends
At Anna's Book Blog: A guest blog about Alexander the Great and the history of demon hunters

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